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This is a fantastic book. It reads like a manual on so many essential skills for thriving in not just ranching and business, but also in life. Skills like how to lead change in a large-scale business. How to advance within a corporate structure. How to make decisions in a complex system. But most importantly this book will teach you about the essential role of faith in creating true success in all these endeavors…


Such a wonderful story and so well told…The book so accurately depicts REAL ranch life and more importantly the stewardship of operating a cattle ranch…His experience with Corporate America also is an oft told tale, and a cautionary one at that. Kudos for a first book and one told with sincerity and passion.

richard varner

A Must Read. Ray’s book touches on so many things that we can learn from. From managing employees, to leadership, to balancing God, family, and our careers. There is so much wisdom in the book that I know I can come back to as a business owner and as a person…

aly robins

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